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eViewer System

Web applications for HR solutions fulfilling focused technological needs for companies with regional, national, and global infrastructures as well as small businesses.

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About eViewer

The Digital Solution for Labor Compliance and Accountability

In this fast moving digital age "the way we've always done it" approach to storing accountability paper filings is an expensive solution when the accountability process and storage can be accomplished cost effectively with a digital solution. Labor Law Compliance Center has been developing innovative, efficient, and cost effective solutions for businesses that wish to maximize profit margins and create long-term growth and stability.

Creating the industry standard in electronic labor law viewing and employee accountability with creative and cost effective web applications is our goal. Contact us today to see how our solutions can help with your HR needs and catapult your company into the future of compliance and accountability.


Labor Law Compliance Center is the industry leader in delivering innovative solutions to solve problems for businesses large and small.